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Need 2 decimal places in a Calculation field


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New Filemaker Pro user here, and I'm having a bit of a problem. Hopefully someone here can help me out.


I'm creating invoices, and at the bottom will be Subtotal, Tax, and Grand Total - all Calculation fields. I need them to display 2 places after the decimal, and round up or down as necessary.


I know how to display 2 decimal places in a Number field, but can't seem to figure out how to do this in a Calculation field. Maybe I need a Script? But knowing nothing about Scripting, programming, or any of that kinda stuff, I'm at a loss.


Please help!

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Ah-ha! Gotta love when the solutions are that simple, regardless of how stupid you feel about asking the question afterward... FM's Tech Support people couldn't even answer that question for me, so thanks!

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