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Virtual PC ?


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I have OSX and VPC. I created a runtime application which i binded in in VPC and it works fine. The application is basically a catelog with multiple references to PDF files. After creating the runtime i put the referenced files in the same parent folder as the runtime and it works fine in VPC. I put the Windows runtime app in the shared folder so that it can be accessed in the Mac OS so i can burn a CD. When i burn the CD, using the formatting that works with both Mac and Windows, everything is fine up until this point. Then when i open up the newly burned CD in VPC to make sure it works, the runtime application opens up without a hitch, however, none of the references work which are key to my solution. Why do the references not transfer correctly to the CD? can anyone help? thanks.

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Hello nickri2nc,

It's not the location of the runtime itself that matters, but location of the database file and the stored path to the pdf files.


If the pdf files were in the same directory as the database, then FileMaker should have stored a simple reference in the format:




If so, then provided the pdf files remain in the same folder as the database file after being moved to the CD (and provided all the file names and extensions have not changed during the process) the database should still be able to 'see' the files.


In order to troubleshoot your database, I suggest that you create a text calculation which references the container field/s where the pdf file references are stored. The text calc will display the file paths that are stored in the container field and that will enable you to see what the paths are and to ascertain why they are not resolving on the CD. wink.gif

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