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cross-platform hassles

Maarten Witberg

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Made a solution in Dev7 on mac OSX. Transferred it to a winxp machine to do some design tweaking for windows, no problems so far. Transferred it back and lo, the read-write permissions were gone. Seems on the win machine, the file owner was set to the windows account I used on it and read-write permissions for 'groups' and 'others' got lost and were set to read-only. Back on the mac, with another account name, I could only fix matters using XRay, I love that program, but nevertheless, how can I make it so that the mac permissions don't get lost every time I do a cross platform transfer? I'm thinking it's not enough to change the account on the windows machine to the same account name as on my mac, because "group" and "everyone" will still be lost. I could only locate read -only permission check box on the windows using right mouse button when clicking the file icon... no help there as it did not state for whom. Where should I start looking?



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