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Date between different system settings


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Hi all,

I have two files, one with no data (globalfile) showing data from the other (datafile).

In datafile I have a date field with format: 23/5/2005.

When showing this date field in globalfile it shows 23-05-2005 when leaving Date format as entered. I can change the way the date shows but when entering the field it reverts back to the unwanted format 23-05-2005.

When I create a test date field in globalfile I can use the format I want.


How can I make sure the date stays in the requiered format?

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Hello Mr Ease,

It sounds as though your files are set up with the 'Always use file's saved settings' option selected in the File Options>Text tab, and were created under different system defaults for date format.


If so, one way to solve this would be to change the setting to 'Always use current system settings'. Another would be to save a clone of each of the files (on the same system and with the date settings you want set at the system level) and re-import the data, then use the clones.

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