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Recognising old customers


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Hi I am trying to contruct a quotation system that consists at the moment of 2 tables; Customer & quotation (in separate files).


Customer table has CustomerID as its PK & quotation table has QuotationID as its PK with CustomerID as a FK.


Customer table also contains basic customer details such as Firstname, Lastname, address etc.


At the moment everytime i key in new quotation, it creates a new customer in customer table with an incremental customer id. My question is how should i construct the database to recognise if the customer is a repeat customer.


So if Kevin Goss is already in the system, the next time i try to key in the same name it will inform me that the name exists, do i want to create it as a new user instead of overwriting the old kevin goss.


Do i stick with customerid as the only PK of customer table or should i use a composite key with the customerID, firstname & lastname?


Help is much appreciated!

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Like this i did in my lineitem table:

In this table when i put product id, product name cames automaticaly by relation. If product name is empty i put here his name, and this "id" and "product name" adds to product table automaticaly. If this will help you i can attach example.

You can use validation options two.It is better If you attach your example of tables.

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I am just in the process of converting a similar system from FMP3 to FMP7 and I used the method detailed by aaa of creating a value list of customer ID's showing also customer name and generally it works very well. Sometimes however they slip through by using a slightly different name, Al Bowyer and Albert Bowyer, for example. I'm sure there are numerous work-rounds for this and if you are storing the address details the first line of the address is suitable. So construct a Finder field in your customer table consisting of enough to enable you to find them. For example: Lastname & " " & AddressLine1 and show this alongside the customer ID instead of just the name.

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