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Is the part(Header, Body..) are scriptable in FM7?


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I would like to change the color of The Header on new window to let user know it's occurrence of the first one.


I tried to do some text formating on the title of the window but it don't seems to take formating.

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Hello patlap,

I have a feeling that what you are trying to achieve here may be best done by setting a catchy window name for a new window, but perhaps you want something that really hits the user in the eye.


If that's the case, I suggest that you create a calculating container field that displays a swatch of color contingent upon the window name, place the calculating container in the header of your layout, then define your window names according to whether you want the color to appear.


For instance, if the container formula is:


If(Left(Get(WindowName); 1) = "*" and Right(Get(WindowName); 1) = "*"; Resources::gHeaderSwatch)


Then the calc will return the a graphic swatch from the gHeaderSwatch field when the window in which it is displaying has a name which starts and ends with an asterisk. Other windows which do not follow this naming convention will appear without the swatch. wink.gif

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