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Identifying Selected Portal Row


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I have a portal with only one field. When user click on it, it will display the related record in the current layout. I like to highlight the selected portal row. May be either by changing the row background color or changing the color of the text inside the field. Is it possible?

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You could highlight the field by selecting it.


Attach the script

Go To Related Record...

Go To Field (Select/Perform;NameofField)


It does have the disadvantage of leaving the cursor in the field.

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Try this:


Define these fields in the related table:


gHighlight_Graphic (container, global storage)

gRecordID_Current (number, global storage)

cHightlight_Graphic (calculation, container result) = Case(Get(RecordID) = gRecordID_Current, gHighlight_Graphic)


Then add this step to your portal navigation script:

Go to Related Record [ relationship ; switch to layout based on relationship ]

Set Field [ gRecordID_Current ; Get(RecordID) ]

Go to Layout [ original layout ]


In Browse Mode, insert your desired highlight graphic into the gHighlight_Graphic field. Back in Layout Mode put the related cHighlight_Graphic field on the portal, behind the other fields. You can set the container field to streatch the graphic to fit the field size.


The method is pretty much the same in FM6 or when using separate files, just put the Set Field[] in a subscript in the related file.

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