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Printing Label based on Address type


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I have database that keep track of student records and their addresses.

Two tables in my database.


1. Student

2. Address


In student table fields are name, dob, studentID etc.

In Address table fields are address type ( mailing, Street, or local), address line1, address line2, City, State, Zip etc.


So for each student there can be many addresses with different address type.


Here is my problem.


I would like to print address label for specific group of student. Since Address and Student are related, I can see all the addresses from student table using portal. Without portal I can only see the first address of a particular student no matter what address type.


Is there anyway I can view specific type of address for each student for printing purpose because I want to print mailing label first and then print street address if mailing address is not present for a particular student, and then print other address if mailing or street address is not present for a particular student.


Any suggestion will be appreciated.





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If I understand well, you have several address records for each student based on type.

I think if you create compound relationship filters like this:


in the adress table: Filter=StudentID&Type

in the students table: FilterMail=StudentID&"mailing", FilterStreet=StudentID&"street", FilterLocal=StudentID&"local"


Then create an address label layout where the adress fields are calculations, for instance,


CalculatedAddressLine1=case(not isempty(FilterMail::AddressLine1);FilterMail::AddressLine1;not(isempty(FilterStreet::AddressLine1);FilterStreet::AddressLine1;FilterLocal::AddressLine1)



I prefer to make a formatted address field such as



Zip&" "&City


Then you can make the IsEmpty test on this field, to prevent mixing up of adress types in the label. Will not protect you from incomplete adresses though.



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Hi crayencour


I am not sure how to create compound relationship filter. Can you give me step by step procedure for how to proceed or any example file will be appreciated.





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Thanks for the insight. I figured it out.


That is what I did. Keyword Filter throws me off because I thought I have to use Filter() function to do the job. but not. Once I have relationship with what you said, everything work. Thanks again



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