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pasting into the next


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First Empty Repeating Field


However you may need to change this



If [ Left(RightWords(Status(CurrentAppVersion), 1), 1) > "4" ] 


According to the current version you are using.


Also note that in V7 the Status statements are get statements now.

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If you are using 5.5 or 6 (I am not sure if it works in 4), then you can simplify


IsEmpty(GetRepetition(RepeatingField, Status(CurrentRepetitionNumber)))










in version 7.


I would also test the current field name after exiting the loop and Exit Script if it is not the one desired, so that you don't Paste or Set Field [ , "value" ] into the wrong field if no repetitions of the repeating field are empty.

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I see how the forumulaes you showed can tell me what the first empty line in the repeating field is, but what script step do I use to paste into that line?

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