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inserting new records portal using value list


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hope someone can help because i reached a dead end. i have a portal to a related file where i have two fields. the first is a lookup (value list) from another file of comapny id number (102,103,104 etc.) the second field is a quantity. manually i can select any record in the lookup list and insert the quantity. what i need is a script which will insert a new line in the portal for every value in the lookup (value list) while the second field for each would be a calculated value. In other words take the first value from the list select it and input the quantity (calculated value); choose the second value on the list and so on until it reaches the end.

can this be done? thanks

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Nearly algorithm:

Set field[n,WordCount(ValueListItems())]

Set field[i,1]



...Set Field[id,MiddleWord[ValueListItems(),i,1]

...Set field[i,1]



This is nearly. Only for algorithm.

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can you explain. what is the n and i stand for. the value list (lookup is taken from another table)

if this works you are a genious. thanks

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N and I is global variables.

Here is mistake: in the loop you must instead

Set field[i,1] wright Set field[i,i+1]

Today i finished my work and go home. Tomorrow i would attach you example. Will be better if you attach the part of your files.

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it works and its perfect. i like it. This is very useful. i have done the above application some three years ago... but i forgot how to do thing with file maker. these kind of formulas are perfect for filemaker...thanks again.

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the script is great. however, when i try to do a find on the bidder file where there is classification symbol for each client (A,B,C,D). i do a find for all records where "type" =C and it find lets say 17 records. but when in the lookup field all the records from that file appear. the question is how do i make it that only the records in the found set will appear.

thanks again.


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