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Copy / Paste Restrictions


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Good Day All,

I created a new Privilege Set and assigned a few users to it. They are unable to Paste to a text box on a layout available to them. Logged in as admn I have no problem with pasting. I have tried numerous settings with the same negative results confused.gif. Does anyone know of a particular setting that must be set for copy / paste to be available.




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Any Idea why this is happening. I used to be able to copy and paste from another program into FM 7. Now when I copy some data and then paste it into FM7 I get the following:

in one field the data is pasted but a little box is added to the text.

In another field all the data is replaced with little boxes, hundreds of them. Now, if I copy, then paste to a text document, then copy again, I can paste into FM7.

Any ideas? Is this a restriction from the source program?



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This sounds like a case of text encoding.

Some apps encode text in their own proprity format.

So copy/paste/copy in a text document sometimes coverts in to plain text format.

I get the same effect sometimes copying text with foreign characters from Acrobat to Textpad

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