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Lookups, Joins, Tunneling


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I have some joins that use tunneling from one relationship to another.







I get the customer_id from a join table of COMPANY_CONTACTS





which with 7's tunneling feature allows me to get to







now what happens if the contact leaves the company to go and work for a rival and the COMPANY_CONTACTS changes


will the record in the EVENTS table hold the original data


the contacts details plus the company he was at that time employed by ?


or should I be set that field in events to be a LOOKUP instead and will the tunneling still work ?



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Something's not clear about your structure. Is there supposed to be a Company table in there somewhere? Lookups may be needed, but I can't tell yet.


It looks like what you're trying to do is allow each Company to have many Events. A Company can also have many Contacts (Customers?). Then you want to be able to see all the Company's Contacts at the time of the Event. This will require an Event-Contact join table, where each record remembers the EventID and the ContactID (and other stuff too if you want, like their RSVP info, Dinner Choice, etc.)

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There is an additional company table yes.


But there is only 1 contact and 1 company per event so a join table isn't needed.


Each Company does have many events - dates both in the past, present and future.


For future dates the contact_id is tied to the company but after the event it isn't - I want to be able to see both which companies attended the event and which individuals.


If the contact leaves the company after the event I want to be able to invite him in his new company to the next one of the same type.

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