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Chopper, you out there?


I have a database called Competitors. It has a portal to a separate datbabase called clients, that allows me to list the competitor's clients. In the entry screen the portal is set to show only 5 entries but there are occasions where more than 100 entries are made.


I need to create a report that shows the Competitor and lists all of the clients associated to it. I'm thinking this will be a calculation field but I am not able to make it work. Any thoughts?

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If Competitors Number = xxx


in clients file

Create a field called Comps_Clients = calc =

Competitors_Number & "-" & Client Number


Create a field called Comps_First3 = calc =

left(Comps_Clients, 3)


Make a new relationship call it Comps-Clients

Competitors(Competitors Number):: Clients (Comps_First3)


When you enter the the first 3 numbers of competitor in this field it should bring up all the clients related to this competitor.


From there Use go to related records (Comps-Clients)

make a Clients list etc...............


If client number is 4 o5 characters you know what do do.



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There you are! :-)


Okay I took a look at what you described. I'm confused.


In CLients File

Create a field called Comps_Clients

Calc = Competitors_Number &"-"&Client Number


What do you mean by "Number" ?


Here's the REAL challenge to all of this. In the Competitors Database it relates to 6 separate databases all of which contain client information and are viewed and entered via portals in the Competitors Database.


In my report, I need to display the Competitor and have a list of all the clients that relate to it. I know once I get the first one done, I can duplicate it on the other 5 databses. But since there are so many here, I need to ba able to make the report in the Competitors Databse or in a separate one entirely.


Am I makine sense? I hope I'm explaining this one right.


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I understand completely.


You must have someway of showing what competitor the client belongs to , correct. I ass_u_med it was a competetitor number.


However you refer to the competitor , be number or id or whatever that is what I suggest you merge with the client number.


If you are still confused.gif email me and I will try in my spare time to bang out a sample. smile.gif

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