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Split Data

Garry Bargsley

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Hello all...


I have a field called name that looks like the following:





What I need to do is split this record in to three parts.


Last Name part = All data up to the ","


First Name Part = from "," to first "space"


Middle Name Part = Anything after the first "space" will fall in to middle name


I have 4 fields already defined:







Any help on this would be great.

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Use the LeftWords/MiddleWords/RightWords functions like this:


FirstName=MiddleWords(Name; 2; 1) - the 2 is to tell the function to start looking at the second word and the 1 is to tell the function that you want only one word.


MiddleName=RightWords(Name; 1) - this gets 1 (as specified) word starting from the right.


LastName=LeftWords(Name; 1) - same as above but starting from the left.


Beware, though - if you have entries in the Name field with anything more than three names, like the one in your example, you'd be better off just using MiddleWords.

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This formula also gives unexpected values with two names as then FirstName and MiddleName will be the same. Replace the MiddleName Formula by

MiddleName=MiddleWords(Name;3;WordCount(Name) - 2)

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if you have a comma at your disposal, why not use it?


lastname=Trim(Left(name; Position(name;",";1;1)-1))


firstname=Let (Birthnames=Trim(Right(name; Length(name)-Position(name;",";1;1))); Middle ( Birthnames ; 1 ; Position(Birthnames;" ";1;1)))


middlenames=Let (Birthnames=Trim(Right(name; Length(name)-Position(name;",";1;1))); Trim(Substitute(birthnames;firstname;"")))



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I would use


FirstName: Trim(Substitute( MiddleValues( Substitute( Name; [" "; ¶] ); 2; 1 ); ¶; "" ))


MiddleName: TrimAll( Right( Name; Length(Name) - Position( Name; " "; 0; 2 ) ); 0; 0 )

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