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Help: Data lost because of systemdate??


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All -


Can you please help me on the following issue:


Last Friday (July 19th) the systemdate of the server has been reset to 7-7-2002. Now all FP5.5 DB's have lost their data from 5-7 on??? Can someone please tell me if the data is really lost or that I am just a stupid ass, not knowing what the situation is...


Additional info:

1. Systems runs on WinXP.

2. Data is stored on two mirroring drives.

3. System data is stored on separate HDD

4. Last Friday the systemdisk was replaced with a backup from 7-7-2002.

5. System makes backup of the the FP data every 15 minutes.

6. Everytime i startup the main DB, the system asks me whether or not I would like to use the system date? I always click Yes, could this problem have occurred by clicking No once???


Please help me on this.


Thankls in advance for your help



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Hi HP -


Thanks for your reply. To answer your question:


We are not actively using the systen date. What happened was that we have four disks: (1) System drive containing WinXP and FP5.5v1 server, (2) Data disk just for FP DB files, (3) mirror of disk (2), and (4) a spare for disk (1). Disk 4 was created 5-7-02 as a phisical clone of disk 1 and put in the cupboard. A scheduled task every 15 minutes copies data from our disk 2 main DB folder to separate folders and of course a mirror is copied on disk 3. Disk 1 crashed 19-7 and was replaced by disk 4. Without me noticing the system continued the scheduled backups. When we logged on yesterdaymorning, for one or another reason de database showed a copy of 5-7-2002. And because of the scheduled backup all backups were overwritten with this "wrong" data.


Question: How is it possible that FP searches for another file (not in the designated location) and replaces a newer file with an older one WITHOUT notification of this?


Additional info: Some of the clients had copies with the same filename locally on their D: drives and the main DB file folder was located on disk (2) in the server, not on disk 1 containing the FP5.5v1 Server program.


HTH clearing up this mess. I know we have lost all data from 5-7 on, Filemaker assured me of this, I just want this not happening again in the future.


Thanks in advance for your co-operation.


Frans blush.gif )

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with regard to you crashed drive & you lost data, you may still be able to recover your origional data!!!!


Is any of the crashed drive readable?

If you run a utlity called BADCOPY on the drive

this may be of use.



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When backing up files from the scheduler Filemaker does not look for the newest date it just replaces the files contained in the folder you have designated. I copy the backups to my personal pc everyday and put them on cd once a week. That way you dont lose so much data in the event of major system crashes. Man I feel for ya losing all that data. Hope you can recover per Blackcat suggestion

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Hi guys -


Unfortunately the crashed drive didn't contain the data. This may sound strange, but then your comments would have been true.


The datadisks were undamaged, but the systemdate on the spare systemdisk seemed to have been the bad guy.


Yesterday my colleague finished retyping (!) all data so at least the invoices and production files (so the printers know what to print) were restored.


For the future: we'll just burn a CD every day COB.

BTW: does anyone know how we can tell the server to perform an autorepair and/or recover action as per a batchfile when the server is rebooted after a systemcrash?


Thanks in advance for your help, much appreciated



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