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Call for Alpha & Beta Testers


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Codemasters Workshop is in need of five (5) Alpha & Beta testers for a new FMP7 developer tool currently in production.


Compensation will be in the form of two free software packages for those who sign on and stay with us through the development process: (1) our current product, "AutoNavigator" for FileMaker Proâ„¢, and (2) the product you will be testing (assuming the project is completed). You will receive a new build to test once per week.


We are looking for people with significant developer experience and a solid understanding of the concepts of development phases, builds and the entire software development process as it relates to FMP. NDA's will of course be required from everyone.


As mentioned, this project is a developer tool for FMP7 developers and therefore something you can actually put to use right away with your own projects as you are testing it.


If interested, please email me privately at the address given below with your experience, availability and a sample FMP project you have developed attached.



David Kachel

Codemasters Workshop


Publishers of "AutoNavigator" for FileMaker Proâ„¢;

An incredible time-saving tool for Developers - Build tab-sets up to

five levels deep, up to ten layouts per set, without writing a single

line of code. To learn more, visit our web site (below).


email: codemaster@codemastersworkshop.com

web site: http://www.codemastersworkshop.com

ICQ: 308137637

Tel: (801) 566-1340, (801) 661-2454

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