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Portals, List Views, and Find Scripts Oh My!


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I'll do my best to illustrate this problem and hopefully you'll have enough to go on.


I have a customer service database that is used to track each inbound call. When a customer calls in, we make a new record in the database.


I have a portal with a self-relationship to the Customer#, so that on one screen a rep can see a list of all the calls for that customer.


I also have a "queue" script that is used for outbound calls. It does the following: goes to find mode, insterts a rep's name, and a call date equal or less then today, then performs find. This script then brings up all the records a rep is supposed to call from that are scheduled for today and before.


Then, there is another layout that lists the queue records in Columnar/List view. This is there so a rep can easily see what records are in the queue.


Now, onto the problem. Reps making outbound calls would like to see both their queue as a list and the inbound calls as a list on the same layout.


First, I tried to simply copy and paste the inbound call records portal into the header of the columnar, but it doesn't seem like you can activate fields when they are put in the header. Next I tried to make another portal that had the self-relationship so it would list all the records for a particular customer# and then I changed the rep's "assigned to" field to be a relationship with itself. I thought that this would add another "filter" to the already filtered list by customer, so it would also be filtered by "assigned to".


That didn't work and kind of broke things.


Any other ideas?


Thanks for reading!

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Do you have Yes No field for called customers? If not why not?


Here's the Idea. Using a CustomerCallFlag with a validation from a value list (yes no) at creation the value would be no. after the sales rep calls he changes it yes. With me so far...... Good.


Now a calculation field to be used in a relationship later

cSaleRepWithCallFlag = SalesRedID & "No"


A match field to be used in the relationship

cGetSalesRepsCalls = SalesRepID & CustomerCallFlag


Now the relationship call it Get SalesReps Calls =

cGetSalesRepsCalls :: cSaleRepWithCallFlag


Make a portal using the relationship .... Put all Call info inside it.

When the CustomerCallFlag is set to No ....all the Sales Rep's uncalled contacts will be inside. When he / she changes CustomerCallFlag to yes.....That call will drop out of the

Get SalesReps Calls portal....This will also do away with the need for a script to find uncalled contacts.


Now you can put this new portal side by side with the Customer Portal

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That makes perfect sense - couldn't see the forest from the trees. Thanks!


I'll let you know if I run into problems.

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