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Can I make 1 Runtime for both Mac & PC?



I've been having nothing but trouble making a Pc version of FMP 7 runtime. But I understand there is a way of offering a fully "Cross Platform" runtime that will work on both Mac and Pc platforms. And that brings up 3 questions.


1. Is the Cross Platform right, you can do that?

2. Is there a downside in doing it that way?

3. Where can I go for specific instructin on how to do it?


I'll be adding it to a web site so it needs to be down-load-able!


Thanks guys,



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afaik, runtimes haved to be bound on the platform they will be used on, but you can use the same main file/solution, if you take care of the following:

-fonts: generally arial is a safe bet.

-screen real estate: windows runtimes create an application window, this takes up more space than on a mac where they simply run in the desktop. generally windows XP scroll bars and so on take up more space. If you intend to make full screen layouts this can become a problem for lower resolution.

-the runtimes come with a data file and lots of dlls in window, and quite a few language dictionaries on both platforms. so people should be aware that all this needs to be installed (minimum english dict and all dlls). I suppose you can zip the whole show.



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yesterday I discovered that some jpg files I placed in a layout (alternately, in a global container) in a runtime do not show up in windows environment but do so in mac. Other jpgs show fine. Looking into that, maybe these jpgs just got damaged, but I'll get back to this after the weekend when I am near a wintel box again.



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