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Lots of FIELD problems!


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Hi, I'm a complete newbie to Filemaker. I haven't had any training.


I would like to know why the fields I created in one of my tables are not editable. I did not have this problem when i created previous tables.

Also, I tried using merge fields, but no data is showing up in the fields even after trying "sliding/printing".

It all started acting up when I mistakeningly deleted 1 of the file references. After that, all my fields turns up as "unrelated field/table".


How can i fix this?? Any help at all is appreciated!

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your fields are not editable probably because of the following

1. calculation fields

2. Could be in a portal that doesn't have "allow creation of records" checked off

3. related records could be different from portal and fields

4. relationship problem


All "merge fields" does is copy data from a specific field and represents it as text, i dont see how "sliding/printing" is going to help you with your field problems


Find the file you accidentally deleted and add it to your file reference, then in layout mode double click on the fields and match up the fields with the file reference that you deleted

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I have had the same problem. Triple check your relationships. I'll bet that is the problem. Invoices1 to invoicesdetail2 will not work if you have not set it up.

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Johnny Boy is probably right.


But more precise:

For a relationship to work, each relationship you create must be recreated between every table.


Table1,fieldA fieldB, Table2


Table2,fieldB fieldA,Table1

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