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windows 1024x768 is not the same as mac 1024x768

Maarten Witberg


created a runtime for mac - looks neat and nice on a screen of 1024x768.

did same for winXP. looks like so much dross on same screen resolution.

reason: XP runtimes run inside an application window and MAC runtimes don't. This takes up rather a lot of screen.


discovering dev7 indeed - and discovering the wonderful world of Win while falling into a probably age old trap.



short of making kiosk runtime -which possible but not desirable for this solution- and short of tweaking all layouts to fit in a screen that's missing a few dozen rows of pixels heighth and breadth - I was wondering if there's a way do do without the application window in XP.



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kjoe, not that it'll really answer your question, but FM7 has a lot of great functions to report the useable pixels on the screen.


I have to contend with an office where employees are working on a 23" cinema, 21" cinema, 17", 17" powerbook and a 15" iMac screen, so I created layouts for several aspect ratios and screen resolutions. The functions like Get(WindowDesktopWidth) and Get(WindowContentWidth) help determine which layouts to use for which situation. Note that there are a few functions that are similar, but have subtle differences - check out the help for more details.


That is a real gotcha though - who would expect such a difference?

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Thanks Frigante.


Actually I used the get(screenwidth) etc. in the startup script, I expressly designed for minimum 1024x768 which I hope to be sort of standard these days if you have XP or OSX. Users get a warning if they're on a lower resolution.

Like you said, it's a real gotcha. I took care to use only arial as font etc. but this one I never expected. It wouldn't be half as bad if the scroll bars and so on in Windows weren't so crude, they seem to be about twice the size of Aqua stuff.


Ah well, no use to go about windows bashing... have to make do.



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