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cumulative total


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Say I have 2 tables - invoices and payments_received.


Say I have agreed a fixed fee (F) for a job and choose to invoice it in 3 tranches i.e 3 separate invoices (inv1, inv2, inv3).


inv1+inv2+inv3 = F.


I'd like each invoice to show total previous payments.


inv1 shows no previous payments

inv2 shows payment against inv1

inv3 shows payment againts inv1 and inv2


How do I set up a culmulative total field to to do this ?



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I'm using a repeating field to specify previous payments via id numbers.


But it isn't working. The relationship between income paid in and current invoice just shows one previous payment.


How can I make a field - presumably a calculation field - sum up previous payments referred to in a repeating field via payment id no.s.?


Anyone ?



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