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Data Checking


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I have just been given an excel sheet with 12,000 "records". Each patient has a unique number from every other patient. But each record is defined by a identifier unique to each record. Thus, if Jon Smith vists my office three times, i create a new record each time (with its own unique identifier called xT, but all of John Smith's records have the same "surgery number").


Using scripts I have made two FM7v3 tables. One has ALL records with "duplicates" (every surgery number) (12,000 records) and one is a list containing one Surgery number from every set of surgery numbers (4500 records).


What i have been trying to do (via a script(s)) is make sure that for every set of records that has the same surgery number that certain fields are the same (age, address, doctor) they obviously should be, but before i populate the database i want to make sure.


Does this make sense? Thanks so much! smile.gif

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Create a self-relationship based on patient ID. Then you can loop through each record and test


If [somefield relationship::somefield]


and each field you test will be compared against the field in the first record for that patient ID in your file.

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There are thousands of records, a portal isn't gonna cut it. I can't just scroll through 4,000 records comparing 15 seperate protal entries per record with my eye.


I am trying to think of a script that will test each record with relation to every other record in that set.


any thoughts?

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To be more specific,


Show All Records

Freeze Window

Go to Record/Request/Page [First]


If [serial relationship::serial]

__If [age relationship::age or address relationship::address or doctor relationship::doctor]

____Go to Record/Request/Page [Exit after last; Next]

__ Else

____ Omit Record

__ End If


__ Omit Record

End If

Exit Loop If [not Get(FoundCount)]

End Loop


relationship is again a self-relationship based on patient id.


Sorry for any confusion. I was in a hurry yesterday.

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