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Updating a Field


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Hi Guys,

There are 3 files in my products table





I am using "Zipp script" to trigger a script when the amount instock = reorder amount.

Due to QYT_instock being a calc, "Qty_Beg - Qty_Sold + Qty_Rec" and cant be stored, the Zipp script won't work with the trigger calc refrencing an unstored field.


The workaround I have come up with is a loop which copies the QTY_instock to Holding_instock and "Holding_instock" is referenced in the trigger calc. This works fine, my only issue is when the loop sets the holding_instock field it doesn't click out of the field, activating the script?

Is there someway once the field is set, a step in the loop script simulates a "click out of the field type of thing"?


Thanks for your help. Ron

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Commit has always worked for me this way, but what if you simply used the go to next field step?


Another method: I'm pretty sure the trigger field has to change for it to trigger - even if the actual data isn't changing, if you clear the contents and then replace them, it causes an evaluation.


Also, how do you have your zippscript trigger field set up?

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