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I want to acquire related information on a form

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I know this shouldn't be difficult! But I must not fully comprehend relationships. I know I don't when it comes to my wife (shhh don't let her hear I said that).


Alright. I have a table named "JOBS" containing job records. I have a table named "COMPONENTS" containing job components, each one related to a particular job record.


I have a TO named "COMPONENTS SELECT" which is related to the PREFERENCE table via the Component ID in the COMPONENTS SELECT table and a global variable named G_COMPID in the PREFERENCE table. The COMPONENTS SELECT table also has a relationship established between it and the PRODUCT table.


So now I am building a cutting card form that I want to print and send down into the plant. It has the Component description on it and the product the component is to be cut from on it. Now all I want to do is list the general job information on it which resides in the JOBS table and is not present in the COMPONENT SELECT table which is what the form is based on. I tried to create a relationship between the JOBS table and the COMPONENTS SELECT table via the JOBID in the Components Select table and the JOB ID in the JOBS table. It tells me there cannot be more than one relational path between any two tables in the graph another occurence of one of the tables must be created. It then offers to create a COMPONENT SELECT2 Table Occurence for me. But I don't want to do that. I don't think anyway. I would have to change my form over to it (no big deal) but why? Why won't it let me create the relationship between the JOBS and the COMPONENT SELECT table. My existing relationships on the COMPONENT SELECT table go between it and the PREFERENCE table and it and the PRODUCT table. I think it should let me create this relationship between it and the JOBS table. Having said that I will admit that my table occurence named COMPONENTS is related to the JOB table but that is a different table occurence so it shouldn't matter. If I based my report off the COMPONENT table than I would have relational access to the JOBS information but how do I get the program to select the exact COMPONENT record I want to report from using that table? That is the whole reason I devised the COMPONENT SELECT table. I drop the Component ID into the global variable in the PREFERENCE table and then when I go to the COMPONENT SELECT table the correct record is there to be reported on.


I probably have everyone confused now. Any of you that were able to follow what my problem was can jump right in now. I appreciate it.



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Just to let everyone know. I took an easy way out. Since this form is being called from a user clicking on a given component record to print a cutting card for it I just wrote into the script that takes them to the cutting card form a couple lines of code that copies the job description and other information I want into a couple global variables. I then print those global variables on my cutting card form. Since the user will always get to this form via the button in the portal I will always have the correct information loaded into the global variables. It may not be the most elegant method but it works darn good.


Thanks for everyones time and if anyone does have a solution or a more elegant method I am all ears. I'm always interested in learning.

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