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Make scroll bar stay on the portal


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I have a portal that can show one record at a time with a vertical scrollbar. Whenever I click anywhere on the layout (other than the portal area, the scrollbar jumps to the top. I want it to stay on the record selected. Please help me with any idea.



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The behaviour you describe is called portal pop and sadly there is no solution for this in version 6 and earlier. It is solved in v7.





(PS There is one instance where portal pop seems to occur in v7, go to http://www.databasepros.com/FMPro and search for "portal pop")

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There is a solution for FileMaker 5 & 6.


Using a global text field (holding the IDs of the records to be shown in the portal) as the "left side" of a relationship to the ID field of the related file.

Portal scrolling is achieved by changing the IDs in the global field.


This way, clicking out of the portal has no effect, it will not bounce back to the first portalrow, the portal stays scrolled.

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