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Finding missing (sequential) Numbers

Tracey Webb

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I have a file that has memberships which are numbered sequentially.


As they expire the membership numbers are deleted


Is there any way to find the missing numbers.

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If this is going to be an on going concern, an option you may want to consider is a seperate file that holds deleted membership numbers.


This file would just need a couple of fields, the main one being membership number


When you delete a membership (which must be called from a button, not the delete menu under records) it runs a script that creates a new record in the new database and transfers the membership number.


Now, as to finding missing membership numbers.


hmmmm, well, you could write a script that loops through the database, setting a counter field ( global, number) and as it goes from record to record, if the number of that record does not match the counter, transfer the missing number(s) to a holding field. Then, when the counter matches the number on that record continue onwards until you reach the end.


Alternatively, sort the list by the number field and view in table mode. Then just scroll through and write them down.



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