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Filtering a Product List


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Hi there,

I have a product list which also includes services.

The category field is a drop down which selects Product or service.


I have set up a key "UI_key_product" which is a text calculation containing the work "product" which should filter out Products with "product" in the category field.


In my purchase order table the Prod_id field is a dropdown, Value list which I would like to only contain Product Id's from services.


I know the concept but just can't get it to work.


Could someone please tell me the fundametals of achieiving this or point me in the direction of some web content on the subject.


Thank you sincerely Ron Neville

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This conditional value list should be defined as a value list from a field: ProductID from a second TO of Product via a relationship based on


Interface::UI_key_Product = Product2::Category


Then use the option to "include only related values, starting from" the Interface table (whatever layout's table this will be used in.)


The concept is having a relationship to show only the values that match the condition. Then using this relationship as the basis for the value list. The "starting from" selection gives it context, since there could be more than one TO connected to the related field's TO.

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Thanks so much ender.

For the sake of assisting others, what I was doing wrong was I created 2 product TO's and created the conditional relationship between the 2 product tables and was trying to bring the data into the purchaseOrder TO.


All I had to do was create one product "TO" and add the UI-Key_product field in the purchaseorder TO, then create the relationship between those 2 files... DOH


Once again thanks sincerely ender....

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