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"Sorry, not enough memory..."


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-- Win2k, FM6 --

Right, I have a script that freezes a window, calls up a separate file (File2), goes to the first record of File2, and then returns to the original file. VERY BASIC. I need to do this so that my 'dashboard' will show (on File1) an accurate count of the file and fields on File2.


HOWEVER.. upon calling this simple script I get the error message, "Sorry, there is not enough memory to complete this operation."


If I attempt to call this script from within File2 (well, just the 'go to first record and return to File1 portion), it gets better. I get the same "memory" error and then,


"The previous script step, 'Comment' could not be completed because of an error. Would you like to continue this script?"


And whether I continue or not, the script fails.



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Hi Ted,

The dreaded 'not enough memory' error generally occurs when you reach a stack overflow condition. This can happen if you have a loop with no exit condition, or a script that inadvertently calls itself (thus also getting into an inescapable loop) - or one script calling another which calls the first etc...


Of course, it *can* also simply mean that you have insufficient memory, so you might want to check that side of things (eg have a look in the preferences panel to see what the size of cache set there is) but stack overrun is a more likely cause.

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Well, I've oodles of RAM, so I fear I've entered the loop, which is entirely likely as I call a series of subscripts as I move back and forth 'tween files and probably re-call one or one much like it.


Again, blessings upon your house, Ray. I grovel in your general direction.

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