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Found a bug in Filemaker Scripting


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Ok, I think I have a verifiable bug in FileMaker 7. Try this it is easy to reproduce. I have a text field, and I need it to be set to a literal value. The value in this case is a path to a file share on a server. Sounds simple right?

So I create a script step that says:

Set Field [KnowlegeBase::SharePath; "\\MyServer\MyShare"]

When the script step runs it should set the field Sharepath to the value \\MyServer\MyShare but it does not, it cuts off the first slash, so I get a value of \MyServer\MyShare


Can someone else verify this, or does someone know why it would be doing this?

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The backslash is an escape character which allow a funtion to return special characters. As an example, if you wanted a function to return "some text" the function can be entered as "\"some text\""

To return \\MyServer\MyShare the literal string would need to be entered as "\\\MyServer\MyShare" because the first backslash is interpreted as an escape character.

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