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Cross-platform binding problem




I'm trying to bind a database as a cross-platform stand alone application but not having much success.

I've got the database on a pc running windows 2000 and on a mac OSX, I've bound them both on the respective machines, using the same key and checked that the mac version has the 'change extension for windows compatability' box checked.

With the mac version I've then copied the extension folder into the stand alone folder and burned it to disc, transferred the folder onto the pc (copying it from the disc),and copied into that the .exe, the system folder, and all the files with cogs on them (sorry, forgotten what their proper names are), then burned this folder to another disc.

My problem is that somewhere in this process the stuff in the mac extension file and the executable icon to launch the database gets changed into a text editor file, so although the stand alone application launches alright on the pc, the mac doesn't recognize it as a filemaker file.

Anyone know where I'm going wrong?

Any help gratefully appreciated,



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The problem you are describing is an OS-related one. Specifically: The Mac OS includes a data element in the directory structure to identify the application associated with the file. The PC world doesn't have this data element, and instead relies solely on the file's extension to determine the associated application.


Any time you take a Mac file, move it to the PC world, and then back into the Mac world, you'll get this, as the PC realm discards the Mac association. The only workaround (as you note) is to reopen the file in question with the Mac application you want the file associated with.

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Hi Stuff . . .


I have found that files created in FMP on my Windoze machine are sometimes not recognizable on my Mac. I often have to open FM first, then navigate to the file from within FM and open it. Subsidiary files are then opened automatically and the files are tagged properly for future openings on a Mac. How that affects a Runtime, I really do not know.


Be well . . .


Tom smile.gif

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Hi Tom,


I've managed to come up with a work round of once I've burned it onto disc from the pc, transferring it back to the mac I bound it on, ditching the .exe and the extensions file and replacing them by copying them across from the original folder. It means the database can open but it's kind of tedious.

The thing is that I've made cross-platform stand alone things before that didn't have this problem, and I'm pretty sure the way I'm doing it now is the same as before but am beginning to think I'm missing something really simple....



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