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making calc field data static


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An auto-enter calc for a static text field can deliver static info after a specified date.


Use the evaluate function, with the first parameter being an if statement comparing the current date to a deadline date field with the default return being the current content of the field.


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Good forum advice but I dunno how to implement it.


How do I pull current date into the Evaluate expression ?

How do I make the current content of a field the default value?



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In fact there is no need to use the Evaluate function for this.


If you define a text field with an auto-enter calc along the lines of:


If(Get(CurrentDate) > Date(5; 31; 2005); "Overdue")


- in records created prior to the end of May, the field will be blank, but after the end of May it will automatically acquire the default valud 'Overdue' on record creation.


Does that answer your questions?

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