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Launch Script (maybe)


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I keep reading people recommending that a launch script be used to allow the users to simply click on the ICON, and have it connect to a host machine and launch a specific application.


Is it possible to use this solution with files that are SHARED HIDDEN or does the file definately have to be SHARED? It would be nice to have the files shared, but not able to be visible to just any user that is on the network. If we can distribute the ICON and have it launch the script to connect them, this would be ideal.


If this is doable, can you please post an example of how it works?


Thanx in advance


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A launcher is just a single user database sent to every machine. It runs a startup script that can open ANY file on the server (it doesnt mind if they are hidden)


One thing to watch out for is trapping for Status(CurrentError) = 100


Just in case the server is down.


If you dont trap for this the launcher will break.


Set Error Capture [on]

Perform Script [external, choose the file and the script to run]

If [ Status(CurrentError) = 100

Show message "The Server is down. Call Technical Support"

Close []


Close []

End If



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Please excuse the ignorance, but is this file now placed on the desktop of every user or is this file what the user will see in the HOSTS list and it actually lives on the server? I think the latter but just want confirmation.


Next, can I simply place an ICON on the users desktop that connects to the host file automatically or is the user forced to go via the HOSTS interface always?



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This file is placed on each users machine. It can be placed on their desktop for easy access.


They then simply open this file and it will run the startup script, open the file(s) on the server and then close itself down.


If the server is not responding it will return an error message to the user.


Of course, you could take this a step further and have it send an automated email to you notifying you of the problem.



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