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Importing/Separating Repeating Fields


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I have 2 databases, identical except that in DB1, Field4 is a repeating field, designed to hold "1 of 3", "2 of 3", etc. DB2 has that field as non-repeating, in order to create separate records to print labels. In version 6, importing into DB2 and splitting into separate records resulted in multiple records for the same person, with all non-repeating fields duplicated in each of the records. Now in version 7, the 3 non-repeating fields are only imported into the first new record, with "1 of 3"... the ones that contain "2 of 3" and so forth have blank fields where the non-repeating data should be. I have written a workaround script to fill the other 3 fields, but is this a bug anyone else has found/identified/made work right?

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