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Hi Everyone,


I've encountered a problem that's has me stumped. I've created the following script in FileMaker Pro 7 ScriptMaker. The Script is a simple test to determine if each record in the database is being read one-at-a time. After running this test script it looks like the entire database is being read and the COUNT is incremented by 1. Shouldn't each record be read individually when the statement GO TO RECORD/REQUEST/PAGE [FIRST] is initiated and subsequent GO TO RECORD/REQUEST/PAGE [NEXT] is specified? The contents of my script is as follows:


Set Field [ Customers::COUNT; 0 ]

Go to Record/Request/Page [ First ]


Set Field [ Customers::RECORD_CMR; Customers::Customer Name ]

Set Field [ Customers::COUNT; Customers::COUNT + 1 ]

Set Field [ Customers::RECORD NUMBER; Get ( RecordID ) ]

Exit Loop If [ Customers::COUNT = 10 ]

Go to Record/Request/Page [ Next ]

End Loop


The results of this query produces the following:


Customer Name Record_cmr Record Count

A I Dupont High School A I Dupont High School 2743 1

AAF Volleyball AAF Volleyball 2744 1

AAF Volleyball Clinic AAF Volleyball Clinic 2745 1



The problem that I am having is that (1) the entire database is read (2) the COUNT is incremented after the entire database is read (3) the GO TO RECORD/REQUEST/PAGE [FIRST] / [NEXT] statements do not seem to be working.


Thanks for you help!

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Thanks for your help!


Changed Count to global. Works fine.


I didn't think this would be necessary since the script is within scope but I guess this doesn't apply to FM.


Thanks again.

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Probably not, since I have no idea what "within scope" means.


In general, if a field is NOT global, then it has a value per record (e.g. CustomerName). Therefore, this bit:



Set Field [ someField ; someField + 1 ]

Go to Record/Request/Page [ Next ]



will raise the value of someField in every record by 1.

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