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A Validation question


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In define database options I currently have, in most of my fields, this calculation to keep anyone from entering a return instead of tab.


not PatternCount(NameFirst; "¶") >= 1


If a return is entered the following dialog comes up,


Carriage return cannot be entered. Either press the tab key or click directly into another field.


This works great, but I also want to include "Not Empty" into the options. The Problem is if the field is left empty the same dialog shown above comes forward. Is there a way to have one dialog for the return and another for the unique?


Thanks a lot

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Nope, I'm afraid there is only one dialog message for all validation. I wish it were otherwise. crazy.gif


There are several ways you might approach the problem. Here are a few:


1. Construct a 'generic' validation message which mentions both issues on one breath.

2. User a plug-in to trigger your own validation process via scripts, with custom messages.

3. Set up custom navigation that requires users to click a button to leave the screen - and have that button run a script which does all the validation checks and posts appropriate alerts.


and last but not least:


4. If you're using FileMaker 7, simply set up an auto-enter calc (with the 'do not replace' option turned off) to strip returns from the field after users exit it. Eg with a formula along the lines of:


Trim(Substitute(YourField; ¶; " "))


- and then focus your validation efforts exclusively on the 'not empty' issue. wink.gif

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