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7 or 6 - Help wanted

Inky Phil

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Hello everyone

After 18 very enjoyable(well usually!) months I have a working solution installed in my business.

It comprises of 18 files, umpteen relationships and runs in FM5 in kiosk mode from FM server to approx 6 users throughout our business. It handles everything from initial enquiry & calculating an estimate, conversion to order, job tracking throughout the works through to final invoice, management reports and filing. All this along with a professional looking GUI means that I take great pleasure in seeing people using it every day and I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone, particularly the people here in the cafe, who have helped me along the way.


Because I started as a complete novice and was learning as I went along I now realise that I could have done things in a much better/safer/structured way. I therefore have decided to start again and get it right this time !! shocked.gif My quandry is this: Do I start again in 7 or just upgrade to 6?


I know this would be an obvious time to go to 7 but:


1/ The extra features it brings are really not necessary to my solution. 6 would give me everything I need (and then some)


2/ If I have to begin re-learning how to do things( in 7) will I be back where I started when I began in 5


3/ People seem to grumble a bit about things that are not quite right in 7(slow pop up lists, font issues etc.) whereas 6 seems well sorted


I keep going round in circles.

I feel a bit wimpish for not grabbing the bull by the horns and going to 7 but I find the 6 route really quite attractive.


Any opinions that might help me with my decision would be really appreciated


Thanks in advance


ps Everybody leave Tom alone when he gives his 2c worth. I am leaning down his path right now and if you wanna get at him you gotta come through me first!!!!!!!! laugh.gifmad.gif

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If you're starting your project over, definitely move to 7. You don't really have a choice: FMI development has stopped on 6 and you can no longer purchase new SN#'s. If you need another seat, you're screwed. In addition, sooner or later (most likely sooner), Apple will create an OS upgrade that breaks FMP 6 and you'll either have to stop upgrading your OS, or do a third rewrite in FMP 7. Sooner or later (most likely later), FMI will work the kinks out of 7, but nothing is ever going to happen with 6. It's officially in the graveyard.

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Thanks David

I know you are right. The OS upgrade issue was at the back of my mind but added to everything else you have kindly pointed out.....Oh well....... I guess I will have to cancel the order for the new 'luddite' uniform

Many thanks for getting back to me


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Apple will create an OS upgrade that breaks FMP 6


[/ QUOTE ]


David: Do you think it'll happen with Tiger? Why or how anyway? As long as Apple sticks to the Unix base, there shouldn't be a problem I think? Anyway if Tiger supports V6, then you're good to go for another couple of years.


Phil: I believe Amazon still ships v6. Probably other resellers too. But that well's probably going to dry up in the near future too.


I would not want to steer you away from switching to v7 if that's the way to go. But if my guess is right that you are a demihemisemi pro developer like myself who just happens to build once-off solutions for their own business, well the upgrade pressure is not dictated by functionality of FM that markets better but by the functionality of your solution in your business. Of course if you should have to do a systemwide upgrade that forces you to switch, that's a different matter. But they are separate issues.




ps afterthought: if you should decide to go after v6 copies, make sure they're the latest issues (6.0.4) or make sure FMI still has the update downloads available. I could not ascertain quickly if this is the case by browsing the site.

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Hi Phil . . .


Thank for the nice words. My 2c worth is widely known. I suggest that you remain in V5.x until such time as it is no longer viable (If indeed, that time ever comes). V6 is not really an upgrade of any consequence from 5.5 and is not worth the expense. The main reason I switched to Windows (after 20 years on Apple products) was because of their propensity to exclude software on their OS updates. For the most part, this is not in the long term plans for Windows. (Anybody interested in a top-of-the-line G4 used for about 3 hours? LOL).


If that time arrives, you can then invest in the latest version of 7 (or 8 or whatever) and convert your modules to that version. In the meantime, you will be working in a familiar environment and redevelopment will occur faster, cleaner and with less mishaps. I have clients still running 3.0, 4.0 and 5. They are completely satisfied with their systems and most have no plans to move to 7 (because of exorbitant expense as well as unneeded complexity).


I also suggest you stay with separate modules if only for the security from a system crash in having isolated data.


Bu then, I could be wrong . . .


Be well . . .


Tom smile.gif

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I always thought the upgrade from 5.0 to 5.5 was poor value, but the change from 5.5 to 6.0 was excellent.


But heck, it's all ancient history now!

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Hello again everyone


Since everybody took the trouble to post I thought it would be courteous to let you know that I decided to go with 7.


Sorry Tom, I, like you am a bit fed up of bitin bullets just because someone else has decided that it is in their interests that I should do so. My heart has been with you and your sentiments all the way but a reply elsewhere from CobaltSky where he argued both sides of the case and came down on the side of 7 did it for me.


I am afraid to say gentlemen that this means that, as Arnie would say......I'll be back!!


Many Thanks


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I cloned all the development files, renamed the folder 'FM5 Version' and removed the file from my desktop.

Very symbolic!!

That file has been my constant companion for 18 months now. I have probably spent more time with that file than I have with my wife.




Anyway, I spent yesterday reading up on the new structure and features of 7. I had to keep my hands in my pockets so as to not just 'dive in there'

(I really must get it right this time).


Now that I am looking at it with 'serious 7' eyes and not 'wary 5' eyes it looks quite exciting


See you soon



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