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Different between Auto Enter Calc and Lookup


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Who can say the whole list of differents between Auto Enter Calculating and Lookup Field.

In What cases using of each this option is better?

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An accessible auto enter field is used when a field almost always contains the data to be entered, but can be edited. An inaccessible one is used for consistent data not to be altered such as a creation date. Lookups are used to transfer current data stored in another file to the present one. This is useful where the original data may change, but one does not want the looked up data to change as well. For instance, in the case of sales taxes. One would not want all older invoices to change to a new level of sales tax so a lookup is used for the current sales tax rate.


But if one requires that data update dynamically as it is changed in the storage file, then a relationship will accommodate this need.


Be well . . .



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