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Registration Woe


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I am one of those that have switched from PCs to Macs and discovered the Mac Office does not contain MS Access. I used the Trial version of Filemaker and was really impressed with it so I bought an OEM version with an item of hardware.


When I tried to register the software I have no problem entering the registration number but the registration routine asks for an SKU number from the box. Being an OEM version there is no box.


I am unable to find out how to get around this as the registration process will not go past the screen with the SKU request on it. I am unable to find any information on the www.filemaker.com site


What should I do next?





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I believe that OEM versions are only to be used by computer companies whi routinely install programs with the purchase of their computers. Therefore, I do not think you can register it. I could be worng - why don't you try calling FMI in Cupertino?


Good Luck



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Hi iFull,

Tom has tried to let you down gently, but I'm afraid that the news is still worse than you may suppose.


The sad and simple truth is that there is **no such thing** as an OEM version of FileMaker pro, and there never has been. FileMaker Inc has made it very clear that they have not authorized ANY equipment manufacturers to bundle FileMaker with any hardware product - and the ONLY way you can acquire a legitimate copy of FileMaker is as a software purchase from FMI or a licensed distributor.


If you were sold a copy of FIleMaker that purported to be OEM, I'm afraid you have been deceived. The software you have been sold is not legitimate.


In recent months there have been several publicity releases from FMI warning people about an increasing number of sharp operators attempting to sell pirated copies of FileMaker, passing them off as OEM or otherwise heavily discounted bargain buys.


But as you've discovered, it ain't no bargain when what they've sold you is a) an illegal copy that cost them 50c to make, and b) useless because it cannot be registered.


Sorry to be the bearer of unhappy news. crazy.gif

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There ya go Ray . . . tellin' it like it is once again. I actually bought FMP 7.0 Developer from a discount Website, but it registered just fine. Apparently, they were simply willing to take less markup on the box. But "Caveat Emptor" as Caesar used to say . . .


Be well . . .



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