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I'm new to Filemaker, but very familiar with MS SQL, MySQL, and Access. I realize that Filemaker has a very different way to query data. I am having problems figuring out how to perform a specifc query common in database applications. I've tried looking how to use the scriping functions for this, and just can't seem to find what I am looking for. Eventually, this will be a Filemaker Standalone app -


I'm a newbie here, so I will be as specific as I can, but I am no Filemaker expert...I'm coming from an SQL background here and this is VERY different.


This has a specific order to it - so please, bear with me.

I want to prompt the user for two fields using value lists and show only very specific results. The fields prompted for are foreign keys.


I have three tables concerning this query: Product_Type, Products, and Formulas. Each table has a field, uid which is a numeric PK and autogenerated with the Serial feature.

I do have the proper relationships defined.


Here's the flow I need:

1. The user selects a product type

2. Then the Products list should be constrained to only the products associated with the selected product type.

3. Once a Product is choosen, then the Formula for the choosen product is displayed, and the user can Add / Delete / Change the records in the Formulas table, using the Product as a FK.


To me, this would be done in a programming language like Visual basic with a couple of combo boxes.


1. Choose the Type:

select * from products where product_type_uid =

2. Choose the Product:

select * from formulas (and other related table data) where product_uid =



Help please - I cannot figure out how to do this in one simple layout in Filemaker 7. Seems like a simple query, but I'm having problems figuring this one out.


Thanks for the advice!


Wayne P.

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I came to FM from SQL too, and i now that if you will have little bear to lern FM. you will do your wish easy. There is few ways to do what you want:

1. Clicking at record and open corresponding in other file

2. Using portals

3. Combinig last two ways.

4. Using Value Lists..........

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Thanks for the advice, but I still don't understand. I know I can use a portal and value lists - but I just don't know how to get to the data from the interface.


I need some hand holding here - How can I use value lists to let the user choose 2 pieces of data, then bring up the detailed data in the portal?


I don't know which table the layout is supposed to point to, and how to narrow the data down to what I need to display. The goal is not to have the end user enter find mode themselves - I want it to feel as much like a stand alone application as possible.


If someone knows of a detailed tutorial, that would be great! The filemaker help and tutorials, are not helping. I also figure I could do this in find commands via script, but I don't see how I can store variables in filemaker.


Wayne P.

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Thanks for posting an example - but it appears the link is broken. I keep getting a 404 Error....


Perhaps you could email it to inetmaster at yahoo.com?




Wayne P.

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