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Sliding text fields on layouts with portals


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We have run in to abnormal printing/previewing of text fields on multipage layouts where portals and text fields exist and sliding up is selected. Layouts that printed correctly in FM 4 through 6 now print incorrectly in 7.03. FM has noted this problem in their Tech Info database.


Using merge fields, or calc fields instead of text fields, or completely rebuilding the layout does not help. Turning off all sliding resolves the unusual printing. In our case, a multipage sliding text field has redundant printing. Say the first 2 of 4 paragraphs (or first 10 lines of text out of 20) print on page 1 as expected. Instead of paragraph 3 and 4 then printing on page 2, paragraghs 2, 3, and 4 print on page 2. It double prints a group of text that was already printed on page 1.


FM Tech Info says no known work around exists. Has anyone been able to work around this issue? Removing all portals from our reports (FM's suggestion) is not a useful option.



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