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A script to import records

Ron K

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When I was using FM 5 I was able to import a found set of records into another file automatically via a script. Now when I try to do the same function in FM 7 the source file closes and when it is re opened all the records are present and imported.


My basic structure for this script is something like this.

In the receiving file I have a script to import from the sending file.

Then in the sending or source file I have a script

1- Find the records I want

2- Open the receiving file

3- Runt the external script (the import script)


What am I doing wrong?




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This may sound strange, but i've always found it worked better to do scripted imports by calling an external script set up as an Export.


So File1, File2.


Instead of writing a script in File1 that imports the data from File2. My button in File1, calls a script i wrote in file2 that Exports the relevent data to File1.


This seems stupid, but this method has always worked better for me.


Enjoy. laugh.gif

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