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How to show Sorted or UnSorted


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I use FMP 7 and would like to be able to show when a field is sorted or unsorted. As an example, I have five different fields on a layout where you click on the name above the field. Click it once and it sorts to a predefined sort, click again and it is unsorted. Is there a way to show the user if a given field is sorted or not?


As always, thank you for your help,

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You can use a calculation field (unstored, result is text) =


Choose (

Get( SortState ) ;

"Unsorted" ;

"Sorted" ;

"Partially sorted"



If you want, you can make this more sophisticated by setting a global field gSortOrder every time you sort. Then you can combine the two fields so that the layout displays e.g. "Sorted by Name", "Sorted by Date", "Unsorted" etc.

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Hi Comment,


I'm missing something with the calculation. How do I implement it with the 5 different fields? Do I add it to a script step, or put each field within a calculation? I don't know what to do with what you told me.

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