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Problem with "Sliding Left" in FM7?


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Is anyone aware of a problem with the Sliding Left command in FM7v3? I have been using this for years in earlier versions with no difficulties. I cannot get it to work in FM7v3.


I looked at the layout in Preview and also printed it - the Sliding Up works fine, but Sliding Left does not.

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After much wasted time, I spoke with FM tech support re this problem. It required some prodding, but I found a tech that said that this is a known bug in FM7 (all versions). For some reason, they were very reluctant to admit that the bug exists. He offered a fairly simple work-around. Just delete every problem field from the problem layout and re-place each field using the Field Tool. It was time consuming, but it worked.


According to FM, the occurrence of this bug is random (weehee!) Sometimes it affects only Printing or Preview. Sometimes it affects both. Other times, everything Slides just fine. No fix is currently scheduled that anyone knew about.

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