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Connecting a Cash Draw


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Hi Gentleman and Ladies...


Just wonderin if someone can shed some light on opening a cash draw with a filemaker 7 DB.

Also I have to do bar codes so any information on these 2 topics would be greatly appreciated.


Just a quick thank you for the opportunity to be assisted by some awesome FM'ers... Regards Ron

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you need to do a google search on "barcode" and "filemaker" to find a barcode plugin.


I suppose triggering the cash draw(er) needs some kind of interface or driver that you can send an event to, but I have not heard of it. I suggest you inform with the cash drawer dealer .



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Barcode fields are usally calc fields of other fields



CProduct = calc = =text =

"*"& Product & "*"


The field must be surround by an asterisk on both side , then choose your barcode font.

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