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I Have 5 Tables:

People,Product,License,Catalog and Cataloglineitems

To create a Catalog, info is pulled from pull downs from People table and Product table.

One pulldown from People (for Client selection).

One pulldown in portal from Product(to add product toportal)

One pulldown in portal from People (to add person to portal)

the rest come from Cataloglineitem table.

Catalog is now created, so on to the License.


Then in License I need to get the exact info created in Catalog +/- a couple of fields to create a license.

User 1st chooses Customer from pulldown coming from People.

All of the above working fine...no problemo!



I would like the user to have a pulldown to select Client

and as that is done it shows you in a scrollable list all of this Clients

Catalog items created previously in Catalog to show.

The user would then select a particular item in the Catalog by using a checkbox or selecting the whole row so that info now becomes the License.


I will also need a similar thing happening in product.


Any thoughts? Thanks!

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It is easy to do your wish by script:

You have Clients list

When you click to any of this, opens new window wich shows you

all catalogs for this client(Go to related record or Find) then in the new window you must do the same actions.

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I tried some of the suggested posts and couldn't get them to work in my situation.

I wonder if I was clear enough in my description so I decided to send a file for clarification. One thing that came up is the ability to create printed reports for...almost anywhere, so now portal use is concerning me (inability to print all records in portal)should there be a view list instead in some areas???? Thanks

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