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[ANN] Free Upgrade - AutoNavigator 1.0v2

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Salt Lake City, UT--APRIL 18, 2005--David Kachel/Codemasters Workshop -- publisher of AutoNavigator

for FileMaker Pro--Today announced the release of version 1.0v2





Upgrade Info:


This upgrade is free to all current users and will be distributed via email immediately.


In addition to several minor bug fixes, the system AutoNavigator uses to create Navigation records on the fly has been substantially upgraded. The scripts responsible for the creation of Navigation records can now create accurate Navigation records under almost all circumstances. In addition, developers may now use the same word in different tab/layout name hierarchies without worry that the same word may be changed in Navigation records in other hierarchies. AutoNavigator is now more robust, and even easier to use than before.




* INCREDIBLE TIME SAVER - AutoNavigator can handle the largest projects and do in minutes what used to take days of programming

* FILE - Standard FMP 7 file, no plugins or other extras required, completely open

* SIMPLICITY - Just start your project(s) with a copy of AutoNavigator instead of a blank FM file

* TABS - Pre-built tab sets, just copy and paste; drag and drop substitution with your own tab graphics

* NOT RESTRICTED - Design layouts any way you like; AutoNavigator is non-limiting

* DEPTH - Ready to use tab navigation up to five levels deep; no script changes or additions ever

* NAVIGATION - Automatic navigation. Just build your layouts and run one script for each new layout. AutoNavigator builds your entire navigation system on the fly, and it works immediately. No code changes, nothing!

* SCRIPTS - Everything is already there; you don't have to write a single line of code anywhere, or alter any buttons in any way

* VERSATILITY - With tabs up to 5 levels deep and up to 10 tabs per level, no project is too big; AutoNavigator can handle hundreds of layouts right out of the box

* MULT-USER READY - Automatically tracks the last layout for every user, at any depth; never get lost

* ADAPTABILITY - Open code lets you alter the solution any way you like, or; we will be happy build a custom version for your needs.

* EXPANDED - AutoNavigator 1.0v2 includes some of the features originally scheduled for version 2.0 (still on the drawing board), most importantly, automatic generation of Navigation records. AutoNavigator will now do ALL the work for you.





* Standard Developer License ... $150

* Multi-Developer License ... call for pricing


Developer License is provided with full access privileges,

enabling you to make any modifications. License provides for use

with an unlimited number of development projects per licensed developer.





David Kachel is the publisher of AutoNavigator for FileMaker Pro. He has

more than 14 years experience in designing and building custom

solutions in FileMaker Pro. AutoNavigator for FileMaker Pro is

provided with open code for use by FileMaker Pro developers.




© Copyright David Kachel/Codemasters Workshop. FileMaker Pro is a

trademark of FileMaker Inc. All rights reserved.



David Kachel

Codemasters Workshop


email: codemaster@codemastersworkshop.com

web site: http://www.codemastersworkshop.com

ICQ: 308137637

Tel: (801) 566-1340, (801) 661-2454

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