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FM Ver5.5 - ODBC Import question

Tim W

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Hi all,

Question is this: I have an sql data set that I wish to routinely import into fm. The data is customer addresses from our accounting system. Each customer can have multiple addresses. The source file is set up as follows:



Addr1, etc.


The keys for the accounting system are not compound. But when I import into fm I have not been able to figure out how to avoid duplicate records. A compound key on the source side would be nice but I can't change that. My current idea for a work around involves an import followed by a check for & delete duplicates routine. I need a scripted solution. Any better ideas will be received with great joy, because I know the work around will take more time than I would like. The current source file has 4000+ records. Is there a way to use a validation to avoid the duplicate records?

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Resorted to plan B. An intermidiary fm file to take in the raw export and calculate a compound key. Match the compound keys and import only updates & new adds with a second import into the live file. A little maintenance keeps the intermidiary file clean. This is better than my previous workaround.



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