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FileMaker 6 won't open


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I just installed Spring Cleaning7.0 and uninstalled an earlier version of SC, and now FileMaker 6 won't open automatically during login or manually. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Hi Joanne,


I only have Windows experience so if you are on a Mac this may not do you much good but here are a couple things to check:


1. Sometimes a bad or missing print driver will keep the FileMaker application from loading. A fresh install of FM or changing the Windows registry will help if you're comfortable with registry modifications.


2. Sometimes FM won't load because it is already running. One way I've seen this happen is if you use the EXIT APPLICATION script step from within a script. FileMaker disappears so it looks like it has ended but if you go to the Windows Task Manager you will see that it is actually still running. Since the user thinks the FileMaker is closed when he or she tries to open it up it won't because it is already running. There is no message of any sort, it just won't fire up.


Hope this helps,

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