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Split record into multiple records


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I have a table which has an ID and Description field. The description field is based of a 'Value List' which is presented as a check box list. When a user checks any number of values, I want to create entries in another table for each value selected, so that there is a ID_Value pair.





ID_1 Value_1 Value_2

ID_2 Value_3 Value_7


Should become



ID_1 Value_1

ID_1 Value_2

ID_2 Value_3

ID_2 Value_7


Is it possible? Any help appreciated.

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You mean a script (attached to the button) which will do that? It will be nice if you can post the details as I am fairly new to FM. Thanks!

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First create two global fields in table A:

Gl_Id, Gl_Val.

Create two field Const=1 in A and B.

Create relation from B to A by this Const field

For B table create script near this:

New record request

Set Field(Id,A::Gl_Id)

Set Field(Val,A::Gl_Val)

Let the name of this script is New_Rec

Now for A table for any Value in Val_list Create script

Set Field(Check_Box_Field,"Value from your list")

Set Field(Gl_Id,ID)

Set Field(Gl_Val,"Value from your list")

Perform Script New_Rec.

Create button and put it under coresponding value in Check_box.

I think that your value list dont content many values, so you will have one script for each value.

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