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The display of pop-up lists

James Osborne

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I have created this database that has several layouts. Several users log in with different passwords that provide access to different fields and layouts.

On one of my layouts I have this field that is a pop up list (all users have access to this layout and especially this field). In my administer layout i click on this field and I can see the selected list. If I log in with any of the other passwords, and click on this field the pop-up list is blank. Why is this?? any ideas.


Thanks confused.gif

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Following on a bit from Sam, do your users (with their passwords and access group) have read access to a field the value list might be drawn from?

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Thanks again for your response - the list is a static pop up list and all users had full access to the list (they should have had the ability to edit the content of that list). As I continued to dig - I noticed that I had another field that utilized that same pop up list information - this particular field was set to be hidden from the other viewers - so by setting this with the same access as with the original field...than the list would appear for all users. The funny thing was that this other field was not even on the same layout.


- anyways, I did solve this problem. Thanks.

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